Jean-Michel Jarre in English

The Inasound a festival is very close to my heart because, being a child of Pierre Schaeffer’s, I have spent my life promoting the importance of the GRM (musical research Group). We talk a lot about festivals dedicated to electronic music, not always knowing what it means, but the Inasound wants to be a real festival that celebrates electronic music, both in terms of music and of images with video.” At 70 years of age, and nearly 80 million of albums sold, Jean-Michel Jarre can rightfully be considered as one of the fathers of electronic music. Host of the first edition of the Inasound festival, he is our guest.

les oeuvres
les thèmes

# Background

Video - 1968
2001 : Space Odyssey
Stanley Kubrick
Audio - Columbia - 1960
Sketches of Spain
Miles Davis
Audio - Phonurgia Nova -
Pierre Schaeffer – 10 ans d’essais radiophoniques
Pierre Schaeffer

# Contemporain

Audio - Pan European Recording - 2018
Flavien Berger
Livre - Bloomsbury Publishing - 2016
The Bricks that built the houses
Kate Tempest
Exposition - Galerie Perrotin 76 rue de Turenne - Paris - until the 12/22/2018
Souris Calle
Sophie Calle

# Surprising

Video -
Virtual Reality
Livre - Yale University Press - 2017
Patti Smith
Livre - Rue De Sèvres - 2018
The end

# Back to the futur

Livre - Casterman - 2018
Vincent Perriot
Video - 2017
Ghost in the Shell
Rupert Sanders
Audio - 2018
Equinoxe Infinity
Jean-Michel Jarre

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